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Asphalting works
Rawafed AL Torok for contracting is considered to be one of the outstanding rating institutions in the field of road works in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it has the technical cadre and previous experience in that field, which make it outstanding in establishing and maintaining the asphalt roads of all kinds and specifications that match the international standards, which is been assured by quality control according to the American and European specifications concerning Asphalting, roads and materials.
Road maintenance works
Rawafed Al Torok is implementing the running and maintenance works for the main and sub road networks with all its components of asphalt and dirt layers and side and centrism pavements. The foundation, through its operation and maintenance teams, performs all the works o roads maintenance with its first and second sections of cleaning and settlement of road campus, organizing, developing and improving median islands, maintenance and cleaning flood drainages, maintenance and installing the warning and instructions signs, kilometers signs, works of treatment the cracks in the asphalt surface, all works relating to rods maintenance also operations and maintenance of bridges and tunnels.
Road lighting works
Rawafed al Torok for contracting is designing, implementing the projects of road lightings inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia depending on the latest international technical development in the field of road lighting, that the foundation formed a team of engineers and technicians of high qualifications in the works of roads lighting. In the past years, the foundation has performed numerous projects in this field inside the kingdom for the ministry of municipals and rural affairs.
Road painting works
Rawafed al Torok for contracting has established a specialized department in works of painting and road safety since 2007, to be an ancillary of the foundation projects in the field of road painting. providing and implementing the road safety factors on roads which is required in the current implementation of projects. we perform the works of roads painting through providing many teams, equipped with the latest German machines and high qualified and trained staff to perform all the different kinds of roads painting works during long years of ongoing works, then through painting roads of thousands kilometers of highways, single and dual ways in and outside cities with paying attention to safety standards during implementation.
Pavement works
Since pavements is a complementary business to road works, the foundation has established a specialized department in the pavement works of the supply and implementation of the concrete edges of all kinds, also the works of interlocks of all shapes and kinds, also the decorative tiles of pavements, the foundation also performs the works of gardening. The foundation has the experience and tools that qualifies it to perform this kind of projects as the foundation now is implementing many projects for many governorates and municipalities inside the kingdom.
Digital imaging survey
Rawafed Al Torok for contracting is supplying and operating the services of digital imaging survey through using the latest developed technologies in this field which, save effort and time in the surveyed works, where that system is one of the most developed systems in the cadastral field as it depends on the techniques of the high accuracy digital cameras and lasers in the same time. The foundation is now performing a project that adopts this technique for the ministry of transportation as the foundation performs the spatial booster and processing more than one hundred thousand of miles roads using these developed technologies.